Best price or best protection? With one agent you can have both

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Looking for one agent for all your policies

When it comes to insurance, you are usually worried about getting the best price, while the agent is worried about protecting you adequately .  Having your insurance coverage’s with one agent will help you in maximizing both these situations.

That means the best price for your insurance, with the best protection for your situation

Best price – Putting all your polices with one agent most of the time will allow them to use one company for all your polices and in return that company will give discounts for writing all your coverage’s.  This helps you get the best cost.

Example: Most companies that write both your auto & homeowners insurance give you a 20-30% discount  on the home and 10-20% discount on your auto.  Now that is major savings!

Best protection – Having all your policies with one agent allows the agent to know your complete situation, and your need for the best protection for you and your situation.  Not all families or businesses are the same.

Example: If you are of middle class and have a moderate home with of couple of average priced cars your coverage’s may not need to be as vast as someone who lives in a high value home with a couple BMW’s.  One agent knowing your whole picture allows them to know what coverage’s you need to adequately protect you, but also to make sure your not paying for things you may not need.

Bundling your polices for a discount vs. Packaging your policies for protection ..there is a difference.

Last, know that agents may look at saving you money and protecting you differently.  There is a wrong way and a right way.

Bundling your polices just to get a discount does not mean that you are using the right company for your situation and/or getting the correct coverage for the money you are paying.  We all look at price (even I do) but just bundling for a discount could be a bad move. This is not the JDC Insurance Group recommended way.

Packaging your policies for protection means that you are looking at the best company for your family or business situation. While getting the best protection for that situation, and then acquiring discounts from the company for helping you with all your policies.  This is the JDC Insurance Group recommended way.

Having all your insurance policies with one agent has nothing but benefits for your protection and pocketbook.

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